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SRI's visit to the Historic Beckley National Bank Building on March 5th, 2022.

What does it mean when we talk about spirits haunting a location? Is it simply the building, or something more? On March 5th, SRI team members visited the location of the former Beckley National Bank for an investigation that was months in the making. Previously, a few of SRI's team members visited the facility during a Haunted Beckley event, which was essentially the genesis of this investigation.

Upon arrival to the facility, team members began to conduct interviews with former staff of the building, and conducted a walkthrough of the location to prepare. Almost immediately, things began to happen.

Reportedly, this location is occupied by several spirits including the spirits of deceased workers, a secessionist preacher from the Civil War, and much more. The basement and the attic, shockingly (when you think of ghost-lore) are the most frequently discussed areas. Feelings of being watched, being touched, voices in German, things moving, and equipment being turned on are common occurences.

During the the initial setup, while in the basement setting up a DVR camera and an audio recorder in the cubicle of a former employee who recently passed away, I walked past the desk and could have sworn that I saw a man sitting there, feverishly working on his computer. When I turned to look at him, he seemed to fade away into nothingness. In the same area, during a discussion with a visitor, voices were heard that sounded like women laughing in the bathroom. Upon investigation, no one was found.

Equipment was left in an abandonment mode, and SRI Members and guests retreated to a nearby tavern for dinner. For an hour, equipment was allowed to operate unhindered, and review is ongoing.

Throughout the evening, SRI Team members had experiences, but it seemed to be sporadic and surrounded by long stretches of little to no activity. A few examples included Kaysee and Theresa reported being touched, strange sounds, dowsing rods that seemed to respond, and a strange female laugh that seemed to follow a "bash" session in the attic. Also, several of our REM Pods went off seemingly with no reason, and no one around to interact with them.

As time goes on, we hope to be able to present more evidence! Stay tuned for more!

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