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It has been a while since the last blog came out, largely due to the high number of events and investigations SRI has undertaken over the past few months. Also, due to the impending arrival of my second child, and my continued work on my Doctorate, time has been difficult to access!

Since our last post, SRI has hit several locations including a secret location in Logan County. As per the request of the business owners, the location will simply be referred to as the Logan Location. This large structure, historically a well-known local business, was full of surprises from the onset. Collectively with two members of Mountaineer Paranormal, our team canvassed the location in our pursuit of paranormal activity. It did not disappoint.

Logan, W.V.

Several weeks before hand, SRI was approached by an employee of the location who, on the behalf of herself and the owners, asked SRI to come an investigate the location with reports of a wandering female spirit who was notorious for removing pictures from walls, interacting with electrical equipment, and more.

Upon arrival, team began setting up equipment in this massive facility to find out that even twelve DVR cameras were unable to completely cover the location. Teams split up throughout the evening, with rotational filming by Kaysee and Beth. As the night progressed, several strange occurences happened, including the entire team hearing what sounded like a group of people entering the facility downstairs with loud footsteps. Upon checking to make sure the building was secure, it was discovered that no one from outside was present, and the sounds could not be accounted for. Trigger object/catball activity was observed in multiple areas of the building (on command at times), and an ESTES session seemed to channel an angry spirit in the upper floors of the building.

SRI was supposed to return to this location earlier this month, but due to a family emergency for the owners, our return has been delayed. An official film of evidence is pending view by the owners on our return.

SRI Members also were in attendance at the Mothman Festival's official return post-Covid! Team members handed out business cards, and visited with those in attendance!

SRI was supposed to be included in the festivities of the World's Largest Ghost Hunt on September 24th, but an unfortunate scheduling error on the production's end eliminated us. We were saddened hat we were unable to take part, but are looking forward to working with other groups in the future! We also hope to do more to promote our home base of operations, the Museum of Radio and Technology.

Poster from WLGH

SRI was also fortunate to complete a few major investigations at sites like Fairfield County Infirmary and the Historic Rohs Opera House in the past few months!

Rohs Opera House is a beautful old theatre in Cynthiana, KY with a long, well-known association with the paranormal. The theatre has been a fixture in the paranormal scene for several years, and SRI had Rohs as a mainstay in our discussions for a while.

The Historic Rohs Theatre - Cynthiana, K.Y.

SRI Team Members arrived in Cynthiana at around 5:30, and began to prepare for the investigation with a walk-through tour of the location. At the time of arrival, a performer was on stage, and members waited outside for the performance to end and the crowd to dispurse. The Elvis Show wrapped around 9:30, before SRI team members were able to access the building.

The Theater, built in Cynthiana by a family of Wealthy Jewelers from Cincinatti, is now owned and operated by the city and a cooperative of several prominent citizens including the mayor. Our initial walkthroughs, conducted with the mayor, were utilized in learning some of the stories and experiences that are commonly reported: the traditional lady in white, stories of unexplained whistling, stories of phantom voices and footsteps, and shadow people.

Before our investigation officially began, and as team members ate together, numerous investigators heard what sounded like music, in a vaudeville/1920s jazz club sound, coming from the segregated section of the theatre. Upon investigation, we could not tell with certainty, but believe that noise from across the street at a street bar might have been the cause. Other that a few random sounds of voices that may be explainable by this establishment across the street, the night was extremely quiet.

The Fairfield County Infirmary - Lancaster, O.H.

For Fairfield County Infirmary, our team members had a active night of experiences across the board. Our team arrived sporadically through the afternoon and early evening, and as we were getting settled, things began to happen. Strange sounds, footsteps, strange shadow play, and more were commonplace occurences. Team members seemed to interact with a child's spirit on the fourth floor in the old orphanage.

There were also alarming situations that developed in the "Little Girls Room", a room which is set up for children with dolls and vintage toys, in which team members conducting an ESTES method seemed to be channeling something manevolent, followed by numerous events with trigger objects in the same area. The FCI did not dissapoint, and we look forward to returning.

Other notable events have been SRI, in conjunction with Hauntington, conducting a mini-investigation with members of the public at the Cabell County Library in Huntington, and team members participating in Wild and Weird Con at Chief Logan State Park. Needless to say the past few months have been extremely busy.

SRI will be taking a short break, and will return to tackle the paranormal in December, or at latest by 2023. Thanks for all of those supporting us on this journey!

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