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Image by Paul Gilmore
Image by Paul Gilmore
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History and Meet the Team

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Genesis and our Mission

SRI was born out of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and years old planning by founders Brian Clary and Theresa Racer-Cheshire. Each having around 20 years of prior experience in paranormal investigation, the goal was to create the premier southern WV investigation team. 


We are a paranormal research and investigation team dedicated to reasonable, and sound, investigation techniques and strategies.  In the field of paranormal investigation, with skepticism and criticism abound, it is becoming increasingly important to base our findings on scientifically sound data, with a skeptics point of view. 

While we truly believe that paranormal experiences can, typically, be explained away with logical explanations we also understand that there are no absolutes in science. 

Having a paranormal episode, or interested in our services? Please give us a shout!

Image by Paul Gilmore

Meet The Team

Brian Clary

Founder and Lead Investigator

BA - History, MA - History, Ph.D Candidate


Theresa Racer-Cheshire

Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

Historian and Case Manager 

Kaysee Brabb

Videographer and Case Manager

James Ward

Audio and Technology

Daniel Testa

Audio and Technology


Beth Smith

Michael Smith

Beth - Assistant Videography


Michael - Tech 

Leila Spence

J.T. Hurley



Image by Paul Gilmore

Part Time and Trainees

Scott Worley

Beth Smith

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