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The Deep End of the Paranormal

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

(SRI Members Brian M., Theresa, James, Buffy from MiMi Paranormal, and Brian C.)

High Strangeness.

The location of "The Deep End Antiques" in Beckley has seen its fair share of strange and unexplained activity.

The troubled history of the area dates back for hundreds, if not thousands of years, but for our purposes the genesis of our visitation can be traced to the foundation of the Honey in the Rock Hotel in the 1960s.

(The Hotel in the 1960's)

Built to capitalize on the play of the same name that became a regional attraction, the hotel served clientele for many years and was considered to be a jewel of the community, until disrepair, indifference, and neglect began to take its toll. From the 1970s on, the hotel changed names numerous times, and became a den of violence, drugs, and prostitution that became a stain on the reputation of the community.

The site of the former hotel pool has been filled in, and is now a multi-unit business that includes a daycare center, a florist, a salon, and The Deep End Antiques, owned by Travis Aurednik. SRI Members met with Travis at the Beckley BEX Oddities and Curiosities Expo on September 26th, and discussions commenced the following day for the possibility of an investigation of the site.

This was not the first time the location had been visited by paranormal investigators. It has been featured on WVPI's Forgotten Relics Youtube Series. Travis even stated that several of his friends and smaller groups had investigated the location, and that it was highly active, with some theories including that specific pieces from the shop itself were contributing the strange activity --including a Haunted Hat, knives, and so on.

(Theresa checking out some of Travis' knives that are, reportedly, conduits of spirit activity)

At lights out, The Deep End did not disappoint. Joined by Buffy from MiMi Paranormal, SRI began to set up equipment throughout the complex. Strange sounds, mirrors moving themselves, a small black spirit in the back room that Travis called his family "Ovinnik", a creature of Slavic legend who made an appearance to several SRI members, and much more. Though evidence review isn't complete, the main building was active throughout the night.

(SRI Members Conducting a Spirit Box Session)

Also of note, the storage area, one of the former hotel rooms that according to stories was the site of a gruesome murder of a prostitute, gave several members of SRI numerous experiences throughout the night. Equipment malfunctions, strange sounds including what sounded like footsteps on the wall, and people being touched were very common.

(Brian Martin checking out the back room of The Deep End Antiques)

It is likely that SRI will return to the location in the near future! In the meantime, keep checking back for updates as evidence review continues and, hopefully, we have some things to share with you!

Next week, SRI will return to the Old Hospital on College Hill, and on October 9th Theresa will be in Morgantown representing SRI at the WV CASE Expo! Come visit her!

Happy Haunting!

Brian Clary - Co-Founder and Lead Investigator

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