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A New Era in the Paranormal

Hello, and welcome to our website! Spectral Research and Investigation - Huntington W.V. was formed during the 2020 Covid Outbreak, after years of planning and inaction. My name is Brian Clary. My vision for years was to establish a paranormal investigation group in Huntington that focused on focused on the acquisition of scientific and historic proof of the paranormal. My background in the field goes back roughly 20 years, to my first investigation at TALA. Since that time, I have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort into the planning stages of forming an investigation group, with the eventual plan of becoming a leading organization in the field.

What I bring to the field is an interest in the scientific elements of a very scruitinized field, and thus I tend to focus heavily on providing as sound of evidence as possible, while also finding as many ways to solve the questions of the paranormal within our physical realm. I also bring experience in historical research, with a BA in History from Marshall University in 2009 and am currently coming to the end of my MA in History from Liberty University.

My Co-Founder, Theresa Racer-Cheshire, is an investigator with 20+ years of field experience, with a specialization in historical research and folklore! She is the author of Theresa's Haunted History! Theresa has had a lifelong passion for the paranormal, and previously served as the research manager for Huntington Paranormal, and as a served as a tour guide for Haunted Guyandotte.

You can check out the rest of our membership on our main page. We have a variety of dedicated members who are interested in the paranormal and in learning the tools of the trade, and we are happy to have them all on board as we begin this quest!

SRI launched officially in September of 2020 with an investigation/training at the TNT Area in Point Pleasant, WV. Since that time, we have visited a few of the state's major haunted sites, and are actively seeking new investigation sites, both private and public. If you, or someone you know, has been experiencing paranormal activity and would like to share your experiences, or if you have interest in having us come out and check out your location feel free to contact us through our website, through our social media platforms, our email, or give us a shout at 3048404607! We'd love to hear from you!

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