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The Hauntings of the Glen Ferris Inn

I believe I speak for MANY paranormal investigators when I say that, among many other inconveniences, that filling schedules has been difficult at best. Keeping in contact with prospective clients has been tenuous, and many calls and emails go unanswered. In December, after the investigation at the Haymond House, SRI Members began to discuss the possibilities of 2022. One name that came up, several times, was the Glen Ferris Inn. Nestled along the Kanawha River in Fayette County, the Inn overlooks Kanawha Falls.

Formerly known under many alias, including "The Stockton Inn", "The Hawkins Hotel", and the "Stocktown Tavern", the Inn has serviced clientele from around the East Coast during its near 200 year history! Documentation going back to 1815 seems to indicate that a home on the property served travelers on the James River/Kanawha Turnpike. Officially, in 1839, Aaron Stockton was issued a permit to operate an ordinary at the location, and the Stockton Tavern was born.

The Inn, which also served as a primary stagecoach stop along the Turnpike, has seen US Presidents Andrew Jackson, Rutherford B. Hayes, William McKinley, and John Tyler enter its doors. The structure also served as a US Army Quartermaster's Depot in 1861, and likely was utilized as a field hospital during the Civil War, with Camp Reynolds located across the River during the height of the war in the Kanawha Valley.

Even as its service to clientele diminished as a result of fewer travelers moving through the area as the C&O Railroad established itself and traffic along the Turnpike began to falter, the Inn continued to service as a private residence for the Stockton Family, though it likely still operated as a stop for travelers along the way. Remodled in 1910, and purchased by EMCO (Union Carbide) in 1929, the Inn was renamed the Glen Ferris Inn and operated as boarding for company events, while still operating as an Inn for travelers. While the building sold when Carbide sold to a Norwegian Firm in 1981, it continued to serve the community and the Kanawha Valley and still serves to this day.

Stories began to circulate throughout the Community, and the State of West Virginia, about the paranormal goings on at the Glen Ferris Inn. Reports include eyewitnesses being awoken by an entity known as "The Colonel", seen often as a tall, skinny man with a white beard wearing Confederate Army uniform, who has been seen walking through walls and sitting in chairs at the location. Still others have heard the sound of Children playing, having necklaces and items tugged, childrens voices, and a lady in white that has been seen around the location. Even reports of a spirit that hates the use of profanity, and breaks plates in response, were present.

Kaysee and I meeting with Mr. Lopez before the investigation at the Inn

In early January, when SRI began to formulate our plans for 2022, several locations began to pop up on our radar as possibilities. One location, in particular, had been on my mind for some time - The Glen Ferris Inn. The last few years of scheduling for paranormal investigators has been difficult at best, but when I began to reach out to the ownership of the Glen Ferris Inn, I received a response very quickly! After some discussions, it was decided that SRI would conduct an investigation of the location on January 21st.

Upon arrival to the location Theresa, Kaysee, and myself met with the owners and staff of the Inn, and began formulating a plan for the evening as well as discussing stories that circulated about the paranormal at the location! We took a walking tour of the location, and then began to fall out to accomplish various tasks including conducting interviews, as well as setting up equipment.

Throughout the evening, numerous investigators had experiences at the Inn. When walking back into the Inn from my truck, for a moment I saw a gentleman standing in the 3rd floor window in our suite. We were all downstairs, the door was shut, and no one was inside. Voices of children were heard. Drapes seemed to part and fall as if opened by an unseen force, and a piece of equipment was pulled as if being tugged by a child. Still other situations included a very talkative Ovilus, seeing shadows walking by out of the corner of your eye, dark forms, and general strange occurences.

Evidence review is still ongoing at this point, so stay tuned for more information and content in the near future. Also, there are plans to return to the Glen Ferris Inn for a return investigation later in the year!

If you are in the area, make sure to stop by and visit the friendly staff and ownership of the Glen Ferris Inn. An eye to the history of the location, the Lopez' are painstakingly returning the hotel to its glory, and the care is evident as soon as you walk in the front door. Clean and comfortable, with great food and friendly staff, the Glen Ferris Inn would be happy to serve you on a trip to Hawk's Nest, Carnifex Ferry, and Babcock State Parks! Stay overnight, or stop in for the full-service restaurant! Support this local business, and support the history of WV while doing so!

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