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Shadows over Williamson

The Old Hospital on College Hill has quickly become one of the top locations in West Virginia with reported paranormal activity. Regularly busy with various tours, weddings, and other events the facility has become a paranormal hotspot on the East Coast, and has hosted numerous paranormal TV shows on National TV, as well as multiple Youtube based organizations.

The genesis of our third visit on March 25th to the Old Hospital began in Marietta Ohio, at the Hidden Marietta Paranormal Exposition. Meeting with Charlie Hatfield and Tonya Webb, it quickly was apparent that there was mutual interest between SRI and the OHCH for a return visit. Within a few weeks after the convention, SRI had scheduled to conduct another investigation at the location.

Theresa, Kaysee, Dan, Ike, and myself arrived on location around 4:30 and began to bring in equipment. Throughout the evening, our team conducted interviews with Charlie, and one of the tour guides in the building. While conducting interviews, a disembodied voice that would appear, and disappear, which reminded everyone who heard it of a lady humming or singing. Location was checked inside, and outside, for stragglers but no contamination was readily identified.

At around 9:30 P.M., with interviews finished, SRI Members left the building in an abandonment and went to dinner at a local sports bar, allowing the building to settle. Upon return, the team began investigating in the basement. Location was checked for sources of contamination, equipment was set up, and investigations began with EVP sessions and visual examinations. Minimal activity presented, though some strange sounds and strange shadows did seem to manifest themselves with no discernible cause.

Further examinations of the building, in different locations, led to more sounds being heard, a few members felt as if they were being touched, and further strange shadow play. Equipment activity was spotty at best. For whatever reason, the Old Hospital on College Hill was simply quieter than normal this night. Members, however, did meet with some "success" when it came to running ESTES method audio studies, with Theresa, Kaysee, Dan, and Brian all taking part throughout the evening with mixed results.

Around 2:30-3:00 in the morning, a weather pattern began to approach the facility, bringing along extremely heavy winds, extreme cold, and snow and freezing rain. Environmental sounds escalated at a rate that made conducting research nearly impossible. It was decided, at this point, to bed down for the night.

Evidence review is ongoing, but as of yet, nothing out of the ordinary has been observed on audio/video at this point. We will keep everyone updated if anything does show up!

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