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A Night in the Museum

The Museum of Radio and Technology, established in the now-closed Harveytown Elementary in Huntington W.V. acts as a depository for antiquated technology from the era of Radio, Computers, Phonographs, and more!

“The mission of the Museum of Radio and Technology is to preserve, restore, display, celebrate and explain historic electronic equipment, programs and other artifacts from broadcasting’s heritage; to provide education in the history of broadcasting and electronics as well as in the repair and restoration of electronics equipment; to offer an enriching cultural experience to citizens of and visitors to our region and, thus, to enhance their lives; and to bring credit to our region as the repository for a collection of historic objects that is acclaimed for its excellence throughout the world.”

Brian Clary, Founder and Leader Investigator of SRI, serves on the Board of Directors of the MRTWV, manages social media, and publishes the Museum Newsletter Quarterly. This naturally led, in a sense, toward a sort of partnership between SRI and the MRT. In early 2022, SRI paid to become a sponsor of the Museum, to help further our historical mission to continue efforts of preservation in the future.

On March 19th, SRI Members met up at the Museum of Radio in the early evening for a planned business meeting and training to prepare for our return to the Old Hospital on College Hill. Group members ate together, suffered through a presentation by Brian and Theresa, and spent some time investigating the location. While the location is not believed to be haunted, by the nature of the facility, there are numerous hidden pieces of equipment and pieces of technology that provide scientific readings with paranormal equipment. This provided an excellent opportunity for team members to explore the building, looking for "false positives".

Check out pics from the training below!

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